Publications, Film Features, & Awards

I have been fortunate to work with business, organizations, and non-profits such as Amazon Outdoors, REI Co-Op’s Wild Ideas Worth Living, Seattle Times, King County Library, UnitedHealth Group, Northwest Maritime Center, Say Yes to Life Swims, Seattle Film Institute, Thinkspace, Boldly Went, and many more to promote and share the story of open water and ice swimming. In addition to events and public speaking engagements, below lists publications, articles, and other print and video features throughout my career.

Podcasts, Shorts & Feature Documentaries

  • The Body You Have, short film by Visual Journalist, Lauren Frohne, features my journey in long distance swims, achieving the U.S. national distance record for IISA’s Ice Mile event in 2022, and how my story fosters community and body positivity in the swimming world.
  • Open Water: Melissa Kegler“, short film that tells the story about my love affair with the sea. Filmed and produced by Dan McComb, Seattle Documentary Filmmaker and Seattle Film Institute faculty member, along with his absolutely wonderful students for taking the time to listen to my story (also on YouTube).
  • Women in the Open Water 2 – Awakening the Dolphin Within, March 2019:A panel discussion on expanding your potential in the open water providing tips and techniques to achieve your dreams. Pre-event slideshow courtesy of Say Yes to Life Swims and blog post recapping the event featured on West Seattle Blog. Full video of the event coming soon!
  • Grit + Resilience: Interview and and live talk hosted on August, 2018 by Thinkspace, to discuss open water swimming, balancing professional success with personal passion, and how my journey to the Triple Crown parallels the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Podcast West Seattle (PCWS) Episode 2, “The Notorious Alki Swimmers,” Published on SoundCloud, February 2018
  • Boldy Went, June 2018, Connecting adventurers motivational speaking engagement about my pursuit of the Triple Crown of Open Water swimming and Catalina Channel swim recap
  • Women in the Open Water, March 2017, YouTube playback of the first panel discussion featuring women marathon swimmers discussing their swims, preparation, highs and lows.
  • myClaims Manager“, an April 2015 short film by UnitedHealth Group features open water swimming and my journey to achieve the English Channel playing a critical part for the customer’s perspective for need and development of UnitedHealth Group’s myClaims manager.

Articles & Publications

Awards & Designations

  • U.S. Distance Record for Ice Swimming, 2.25km in 39F water temperature, achieved January 2022
  • Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming designation, June 2018
  • Team VO2 Multisport Inspirational Person (VIP) of the year award for the 2017 triathlon and swim season