Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Nothing planned, but 2019 speaking events are in the works! To request Melissa as a speaker or special guest for your event, use the Contact page.

Past Events:

Thinkspace Grit+Resilience in Seattle (August 2018). Super excited to be speaking about open water swimming, balancing professional success and personal passion, and how my journey to the Triple Crown parallels the entrepreneurial spirit. Please join me August 16th for a great talk, open question session, and mingle. RSVP to the Thinkspace Grit+Resilience meetup invite. As always, should be fun, open and honest!


Boldly Went, Outdoor Adventure 3 Ways (June 2017). I was thrilled to be selected to speak at the June Boldly Went show night and share my story, insights and motivation behind the pursuit of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Watch the Boldly Went podcast to learn more about my Catalina Channel recap, lessons learned, and why open water marathon swimming, similar to many of our ultra endurance adventures, is much more than a solo event.



Women of the Open Water, A Panel Discussion (March 2017).  An amazing event hosted by Say Yes to Life Swims, the Northwest’s only business providing Escorted Open Water Swim Adventures, at C&P Coffee Company.  Watch the replay of the event on YouTube, learn about cpwhy we love water, our past experiences on our epic swims, and what we want people to know about why we swim.  Four fantastic women, four unique swims, four individual perspectives, one love.




December 23, 2016: What an epic event, read blog post The 100x100s Swimtacular Fundraiser Recap: A Day of Smiles, Swimming and Friends to re-live all the excitement!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the swim, did satellite swims, or donated for my English Channel swim.  Swimtacular participants, satellite swimmers, deck support and donors include the amazing: Jeannie, Stacy, Paul, Trev, Drew, Steve, Carol, Ariel, Mel, Ryan, David Streams, Linda & Ed, Caitlin, John and Cindy, Stan, Rocky, Hana, Scott, Amy & Jeff, Lisa, Brian, Paul & Cara, Steve & Terri, Christine & Jeff, Amy, Lee-Lee, Guila, Andrew & Erika, Kate, Heidi, Daniel Henry, Mitchel, Ed, Kirsten, Jess, Anna, Becky, Brenda, Brittany, Shannon, Robert, Ray, Eric, Scot, Brian, Kristin, Kathy, Kelly & Tiff, Andrey & Belisa, Dan Rebecca, Deanna, and Matti.