Every day I go in the water, I make sure I tell it, I love you.

My love affair with the sea began through learning about myself as a swimmer, learning acceptance of self exactly as I am, and learning from the signs of life in a world completely unfamiliar to me. Each day when I look out towards the sea, I see something new to behold. I see the embrace of a living breathing being that I’ve build a relationship with. I see her, the sea in all her beauty.  As continue to learn, I feel I am able to give more of myself to her, to this place where my heart lies relinquishing control to what the sea decides.

I love her and all the animals that call her home.

I hope this short video shares the story of why I swim, what I feel when I swim, how trust and patience can enable us to experience meaningful love in a whole new way.

Link to short film, “Open Water: Melissa Kegler” also on YouTube.

Thank you to Dan McComb, Seattle Documentary Filmmaker and Seattle Film Institute faculty member, along with his absolutely wonderful students for taking the time to listen to my story.

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