Wandering Washington is Here!

It’s been a while, but I’ve been taking my break from swimming very seriously and enjoying life, my new found love for salt and vinegar potato chips, sleeping in, and not feeling pressure to do anything. What I’ve been most excited about is exploring new swim locations and dabbling with some ideas the mountains have thrown my way. It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to get started on whatever lies ahead. I have no idea where I’m going with my swimming or what I want to do, I just know it will be something and I’ve never been more content with not knowing. I’m wandering and loving it!

One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while is share what I’ve been up to, what I’ve been doing outside, and share my experiences with everything wonderful, free and beautiful that is Washington state! Many of us, myself included, like to travel locally on the weekends or take a last minute “this is what the map said” type of trip. One of the big questions I had was, what about the swimming? Where can I go to do something new, experience a regional/local culture, see something amazing, and get in or out of my comfort zone with swimming? I couldn’t find much on it or a one stop place to explore, so I grabbed a map and ventured out on my own.

What I’m learning is that as I venture down multiple roads I’m not sure about, I’m never sure where they’re going or what lies ahead. But what I am finding is that the opportunities available within our local area are limitless and that people are so fickin’ amazing! I’ve met so many interesting people who are eager to help, I’ve learned so much, immersed myself in being comfortable with the unknown, and I can’t get enough of it.

I’m really stoked about backcountry hike-in swimming at the moment and am trying to learn everything I can about this relatively unknown area of outdoors adventures. While I wouldn’t consider myself an avid hiker YET (definitely in the beginner stages), I do have an affinity for tents as well as the water, so you know…. put two and two together and Wandering Washington was born! (Don’t worry my Michigander natives, Meandering Michigan is also in the works. Gotta show some love for my home state.)

If you’re looking to go on a weekend getaway or mini-adventure that involves some swimming with a little hiking or camping sprinkled in or maybe you want a new city swim-venture, check it out. I’ll be adding more as I continue my mission of Wandering Washington!

Wandering Washington Cover

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