Join me August 15th in Seattle for Grit+Resilience!

Join me on August 15, 2018 for the Thinkspace Grit+Resilience talk in Seattle! Super excited to be speaking about open water swimming, balancing professional success and personal passion, and how my journey to the Triple Crown parallels the entrepreneurial spirit. It’ll be a great talk, open question session, and mingle. RSVP to the Thinkspace Grit+Resilience meetup invite.

Marathon swimming can be tough, but I still think back to that first half mile open water swim where I was scared out of my gourd, not sure if I’d finish, or even if I’d like open water swimming. I thought for sure I’d be eaten by a crocodile and be the next news headline. Fast forward….. well not that many years at all and here I am proud to be a Triple Crown swimmer! It hasn’t been easy along the way and there’s been a lot of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual struggles that I’ve had to overcome to get to a good place. These same struggles we face as endurance athletes daring to do something great and challenge ourselves, many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups face just the same.

Come join me, ask questions, and I can’t wait to talk about swimming and the parallels to challenges many of us face as professionals. Also, it’s the day before my birthday and I LOVE cake (hint hint)!

DATE CHANGE – Now August 15th!!!


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