A Different Point-of-View: Jellyfish

I was swimming the other evening, the sun was out, the water a beautiful sea green, I look down and there was a what looked like a reflection of the sun in the water. What was it? A jellyfish that was so beautiful it is hard to describe. The center was yellow as a canary and it had this halo effect around it, translucent, breathing, full of life. Its tentacles were perfectly formed around the yellow center as if it were the sun emitting velvety soft rays of fine lustrous fur that disappeared into the deep. I stopped and floated over it, gently ran my fingers across the top of the jellyfish and got to experience firsthand this living creature that glides through the water with such ease and grace. The water was silent and for a moment, it was like that jellyfish and I were dancing together in the water.

Lots of people ask about jellyfish, what I think about them, if I’ve been stung, and if I worry about them in the Sound? Answer, I love the jellyfish, look forward to seeing the bloom, and yes, I’ve been stung. Sure it isn’t as good as not being stung, but the moon and fried egg jellies don’t do much. The response is usually, “Gross”, “You’re crazy”, “Ewww”, or something along those lines, but it all depends how you look at it. To me, each and every day, the jellies are beautiful and I feel very fortunate to be able to experience them in their world, the sea. Take another look at things that make you nervous and you may see how beautiful they really are. Spiders on the other hand……

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