Coaching Greats

I had a toughy swim set today, 40 x 100 test set on the 1:35, holding pace through the set. It’s funny how some sets (as miserable as they seem at the time) are nostalgic in a way. I remembered my high school days swimming a very similar test set, the hour before a swim meet on one occasion, and CAST to figure out what team would fit best with your ability. I could see as clear as yesterday Brent Pohlonski standing on the side deck stopwatch in hand timing our splits over and over again. I could see Sean Donegan at the end of the lane telling us to get off the walls quicker and not to breathe in the flags (something I never do to this day). While my send-off time is a far cry from back-in the day, the memories are fresh as ever. It’s great to know that even as an adult, the great coaches never leave you, they keep pushing you to be better, to make it past #32 when your body and mind start to break down, and when you’re done to tell you “Good job, we’ll do this again in a couple of weeks.” Hooray to coaches everywhere and to not making those test sets butterfly!

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