Why I love ocean swimming?

Today was a reminder of why I love the sea more so than the land. I went for a nice relaxed 5K stretch out swim today during low, super low, tide. The water was Slurpee cold, winter clear, and beautiful glistening turquoise blue. As I swam along the drop-off ridge, I watched the kelp slide down the ridge like a toboggan, orange sea anemones mimic sunflowers, and fish dance all across the sea floor. Big gray fish, deep purple fish, and little silver fish that glistened like diamonds in the sunlight. The green sea grass that waved back and forth with the tide was a forest for the flat fish and crab critters that poked their heads out to say hello as I swam by. The ripples in the sand felt like powdered sugar as I ran my fingers through the top. Today was a day unlike any other in the water and reminder that when people say, “You’re crazy, isn’t that water cold?”, I smile and say yes, knowing I have the best view under the water, better than any view they could have seen from the hot sand. Today is why I swim. 

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