Triple Crown: We Went to England!

Thank you for reading, wanting to learn more, and to be a part of our journey to England for my now successful August 2017 English Channel swim, la Manche.  This year was all about training, training, and more training, physically and mentally.  My training yardage varied between 38k and 42k per week, combination pool and open water, in addition to strength training, physical therapy sessions and sports massage therapy sessions.  This on top of coaching and working full time (no, swimming is not my job) made for a super busy and tough regimen.  Achieving the second leg of Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, the English Channel, was without a doubt worth it!

La Manche, the French name has been used at lease since the 17th century and refers to the Channel’s sleeve.  More popularly known as The English Channel, this is the second leg of our journey in attempts to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming!  I say “our journey” because as every marathon swimmer knows, it takes a family of dedicated, passionate people to complete any swim. This is a journey that is ours and with your donation we will be one step closer.

Love of Water: For those of you who know me, I love the water.  It is where I am my happiest, it is where I find peace, it is where I find strength in my abilities, and where I find harmony and respect for Mother Nature. I find joy in sharing my passion of the water with others, have helped many of my friends and teammates find peace with the water, have inspired and been inspired by others to continue swimming.

I’ve always considered myself to have an above average respect for the water, its power, and strength.  I’ve worked hard all my life to achieve my goals.  I’ve had to do the training, sacrifice, build a network of friends and teammates to train with, put in the time, and dedicate myself to the water.  Through coaching for Vo2 Multisport and strength training at Build, being a part of the Notorious Alki Swimmer family, and helping other organization to grow awareness for open water swimming through membership with NOWSA (Northwest Open Water Swimming Association), I am able to give back to all of those who have helped me along the way.  In addition, my English Channel swim helped raised funds for The Zoo Society’s Operation Shark Dive, providing a unique alternative therapy for returning combat veterans and supporting oceanic conservation.

The Goal: To complete the prestigious Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming which consists of the following three recognized marathon swims:

  • Completed September 2016! The Catalina Channel: Swam a 20.2 mile (33 km) course across the Catalina Channel in Southern California in 12 hours 18 minutes 12 seconds
  • Completed August 2017! The English Channel: Swam a 41.92 mile (67.472 km) course across the English Channel between Dover, England and Wissant, France in 16 hours 52 minutes (all course lengths/times vary, standard course is 21 miles/32km and varies based on current assist and tidal shift across the five swim zones in the channel)
  • Planned 2018, 20 Bridges: 28.5 miles (45.8 km) around the Manhattan Island in New York

English Channel Fun Facts:

  • The Channel is approximately 21 miles (32 kilometres)
  • The fastest crossing was just over 7 hours
  • The slowest crossing was nearly 27 hours, now that’s grit!
  • In prime Channel swim season, July through September, temperatures typically range from 57.2o to 64.4o F, but have been recorded as low as “Brrrrrr” degrees or 42.8o F
  • The standard swim costume consists of a regular swimsuit, cap and googles, wetsuits are not permitted
  • Solo swims have been completed doing only backstroke, breastroke and yes, solo doing only butterfly, #stud
  • The youngest swimmer crossing was 11 and the oldest 67