Upcoming Swim Schedule & Resume

Covid-19 Postponed Swim Schedule (all swims tentative until swum)

  • TBD, Aqua Sphere North Shore 5K & 10K: Super excited about this swim as it has so many options available for swimmers all starting at gorgeous Waimea Bay! There is a solo 10K or 5K option, relay 5K AND a 5K fin division! I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t like to swim in fins?!
  • TBD, Jaco’s Chun’s to Waimea: This swim features a 1.6-mile course from Chun’s Reef (close to “Piddles” Surf) to Waimea Bay, Hawaii. I’ve wanted to do this swim for the past year with my camera and use it as a “tourist” swim in beautiful location. This is the third stop in the North Shore Swim Series, a 5-race festival of progressively longer events giving swimmers the opportunity to swim the “7 mile miracle” of Oahu’s famous North Shore.
  • TBD, Trans Tahoe Relay: My primary relay swimcation for the summer, beginning at Sand Harbor Beach and ending at Skylandia Beach, the relay starts at a water temperature of approximately 62 degrees and drops to 55 by the time the team reaches the middle of Lake Tahoe. The relay team for this approximate 9.6-mile swim is unique in that the team consists of six swimmers. Each member swims 30 minutes for the first leg and then 10 minute legs thereafter through completion.

Past Swim Highlights

  • January 2022, Ice 2.25K: An ice swim, which is a swim at a temperature of 41F/5C or below in standard swim gear, swimsuit cap, and goggles. Ratification of the swim is performed by the International Ice Swimming Association. This was a solo 2.2K distance attempt at the gorgeous Lake Desire, WA, supported by my crew Rebecca Kegler, Gleb Lunev, Kirby Drawbaugh, Will Washington, Heidi Skrzypek, Stacey Sterling, Sadie Schnitzler, Ofer Levy, Jeff Crombie, and Jerome Leslie. Final distance 2.25K in a time of 51min 26sec, average water temp 4.0C/39.2F.
  • July 2021, Amy Hiland Double: This swim follows, the Amy Hiland route, but includes the first return back to Bremerton from the Alki Lighthouse. The full double route was 20.8 miles in temperatures that ranged 51 to 59F, officially observed and sanctioned by the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association (NOWSA). The standard one-way route is a current assisted route, the round trip has an added challenge of timing the turn-point with the tide to have a current assist both ways. It is a challenging cold water route in the beautiful Puget Sound!
  • November 2020, Ice Mile: The ice mile swim, what I like to call Ice Mile Squared (a mile swim at a mile high in Denver, CO), is a mile swim at a temperature of 41F/5C or below in standard swim gear, swimsuit cap, and goggles. Ratification of the swim is done by the International Ice Swimming Association. This swim had four people attempt the swim at Wolcott Lake in Denver, CO (private community lake). I absolutely loved it, the challenge of it, learned a lot, and can’t wait to do more. And yes, it was cold!
  • August 2019, Change Your Latitude: This Sitka, Alaska based swim at 57˚ N, is one of the northernmost open ocean races in the world, and was hosted by the Baranof Barracuda Swim Club. I swam the 10k (6.2 miles) under traditional channel rules (cap, goggles, suit) and had the wonderful experience of exploring the land and sea in beautiful Sitka with fellow swim friends from Seattle. I unfortunately didn’t swim with a whale, but all expectations met – swim, have fun, swim with wildlife (lots of sea lions, starfish, anemones and salmon)!
  • July 2019, Portland Bridge Swim: This was my second year doing the scenic 10 mi (16.1 km) swim in the Willamette River through beautiful downtown Portland, OR, 4 mi swim as a part of a 3-person relay team, hosted by Portland Bridge Swim. I swam the first leg of relay Team JAM, rocking a doughnut swimsuit, and swimming against the current for the entire first leg. Always a fun time, the Notorious Alki Swimmer presence is growing, which means more relays, more friends, more fun!
  • June 2019, Coeur d’Alene Ironman 70.3 Relay: A half Ironman 1.2 mile swim in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I was on relay Rock Paper Scissors with my awesome teammates, Claude Brun and Alex Seguin. We had SO MUCH FUN and Coeur d’Alene was one of the most enjoyable places I’ve been at to vacation. It caters to many different vacation preferences from camping, to budget hotels and resorts, outdoor kayaking, seaplane rides, and fine dining. The water is crystal clear, refreshing, a true vacation destination you cannot beat!
  • June 2019, Whidbey Adventure Swim: A 1.2 or 2.4 mile swim route that runs down the shores of Langley on beautiful Whidbey Island. This rectangular course, beginning and ending at Seawall Park, was a cold water swim in Possession Sound. While I didn’t achieve my goal of seeing a whale, I had a great time with the Notorious Alki Swimmers, enjoyed taking pictures during the swim, and stayed in my first yurt on the island for a relaxed swim weekend. Will be back next year!
  • August 2018, Skaha Lake Ultra Swim: An 11.8K point-to-point open/fresh water swim in Skaha Lake, Penticton, British Columbia.  The course meanders along the warm-water shoreline within a scenic valley, average temps 74°F, hosted by Skaha Lake Ultra Swim.
  • June 2018, 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Marathon Swim: The last swim completed in my journey to completing the Triple Crown of Open Water swimming. Starting out at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, 20 Bridges was a current assisted, warm water, 28.5 mile (45.8 km) circumnavigation of Manhattan Island officially sanctioned by New York Open Water. Approximately $3000 was raised to benefit One More Wave, providing customized surfing equipment for wounded and disabled veterans to achieve ocean therapy. Third and final leg of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, completed on June 30, 2018.
  • 2017, Swim the Suck: One of the most beautiful and scenic 10-mile current assisted swims I have ever swam!  This fast, fun and challenging course is swam downriver through the Tennessee River Gorge, hosted by the Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers (C.O.W.S) and Outdoor Chattanooga.  Water conditions were fair most of the way, water temp approximately 75°F.
  • 2017, The English Channel, Le Manche: Crossing of The English Channel/Dover Strait, Dover, England to Wissant, France, swam a 41.92mi (67.472 km partially current assisted) solo cold-water crossing in 16hrs 52min with pilot Eddie Spelling on Anastasia, water temp 63°F, officially sanctioned by the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (standard course is 21 miles/32km and varies based on current assist and tidal shift across the five swim zones).  Fundraised approximately $4000 to benefit The Zoo Society’s Operation Shark Dive at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Second leg of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, completed August 23, 2017.
  • 2017, Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico: San Juan, 1.2 mi (1.9 km) swim as a part of relay team “Two Gils and a Keg”. Swam attached with team VO2 Multisport.
  • 2016, Catalina Channel Crossing: Between Catalina Island and mainland California, swam a 20.2 mi (33 km) solo cold-water crossing in 12hrs 18min 12sec with pilot Greg Elliott on Bottom Scratcher, water temp 68 – 70°F, officially sanctioned by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. First leg of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, completed September 1, 2016.
  • 2016, Portland Bridge Swim: Scenic 10 mi (16.1 km) swim in the Willamette River through beautiful downtown Portland, OR, 4 mi swim as a part of a 3-person relay team, hosted by Portland Bridge Swim.
  • 2016, Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim: Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, UT, 10 km solo warm water / salt water swim, hosted by Great Salt Lake Open Water (GSLOW).
  • 2016, Mercer Island Marathon Swim: Circumnavigation of Mercer Island, WA, 14 mi (22.5 km) solo English Channel qualifying swim, water temp 59°F, first documented and officially sanctioned Mercer Island circumnavigation in accordance with Channel swim rules by the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association (NOWSA).
  • 2015, Swim 4 Freedom: Point-to-point 8 mi (12.9 km) swim in Lake Geneva, WI, fundraised approximately $2,000 to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, hosted by the Swim 4 Freedom organization.
  • 2015, Tampa Bay Frogman: Charity and fundraising 5 km swim in Tampa Bay, FL, fundraised approximately $1,000 to benefit the Navy Seal Foundation, hosted by volunteers and veterans with the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim .
  • 2013, Escape from Alcatraz: A part of the Sharkfest Swim Series, an escape swim from the historic Alcatraz Island to Aquatic Park in San Francisco, CA, 1.5 mi ( km) cold water swim, water temp 58 – 60°F.
  • 2011, 2012 & 2013, Jack King Ocean Swim: Warm water, 1 mile swim at Virginia Beach, VA benefiting the Virginia Beach Lifeguard Association (VBLA) and co-hosted by Virginia Masters Swimming.
  • 2011, 2012 & 2013, Harbor Springs Coastal Crawl: A beautiful fresh-water harbor to big water swim in beautiful Harbor Springs, MI, completed the mile series consisting of 1 mile in 2011, 2 miles in 2012, and 3 miles in 2013, Harbor Springs Coastal Crawl hosted by the Hammerhead Swim Club.

Affiliations & Associations

Awards, Publications, Speaking Engagements, Features & Links

  • Seattle Times article, “Seattle open-water swimmer Melissa Kegler notches second Ice Mile swim, breaks recordfeatures the Seattle open-water community and how my swim friends turned family rallied to support my USA ice mile distance record attempt turned success!
  • Short film, “Open Water: Melissa Kegler“: A short film that tells the story about my love affair with the sea. Filmed and produced by Dan McComb, Seattle Documentary Filmmaker and Seattle Film Institute faculty member, along with his absolutely wonderful students for taking the time to listen to my story (also on YouTube).
  • West Seattle Blog Article, Melissa Kegler’s round trip between Bremerton and Alki: Article posted by the West Seattle Blog, always a great supporter of Alki swimming, on my 2021 Amy Hiland Double swim. A big thank you to West Seattle Blog for coming out to the beach for the big turn as well as Sunday for the Silver Seals relay finish. Always great to see you!
  • Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame, Inductee, 2019: Very proud to be inducted into the Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2019 for marathon swimming. The first person from Michigan to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, spike in front of a crowd of 600 about the sport of open water swimming and what it means to represent female athletes as well as my hometown of Holt, MI.
  • Women in the Open Water 2 – Awakening the Dolphin Within, March 2019: A panel discussion on expanding your potential in the open water providing tips and techniques to achieve your dreams. Pre-event slideshow courtesy of Say Yes to Life Swims and blog post recapping the event featured on West Seattle Blog. Full video of the event coming soon!
  • Grit + Resilience: Interview and and live talk hosted on August, 2018 by Thinkspace, to discuss open water swimming, balancing professional success with personal passion, and how my journey to the Triple Crown parallels the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Podcast West Seattle (PCWS) Episode 2, “The Notorious Alki Swimmers,” Published on SoundCloud, February 2018
  • Team VO2 Multisport Inspirational Person (VIP) of the year award for the 2017 triathlon and swim season
  • The Daily News of Open Water Swimming, The Notorious Alki Swimmers Share Their Love of the Water, September 2017, interview and quotations about the West Seattle based swim group, the Notorious Alki Swimmers
  • Boldy Went, June 2018, Connecting adventurers motivational speaking engagement about my pursuit of the Triple Crown of Open Water swimming and Catalina Channel swim recap
  • Women in the Open Water, March 2017, YouTube playback of the first panel discussion featuring women marathon swimmers discussing their swims, preparation, highs and lows.
  • The Tartan – 2017 Tartan Spring, Spring 2017, Alma College’s 2017 Spring Featured Alumna, Pages 16-17 of the archived 2017 Tartan Spring edition