Triple Crown Sponsors

Your Sponsorship, Our Dream Realized

I had a dream of completing the prestigious Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and on June 30th, 2018 that dream became reality as I moved in at number 175 on the list of historical Triple Crown Swimmers (courtesy of Long Swims Database, a Marathon Swimmers Federation project). To become a Triple Crown Swimmer, an individual must complete the following three recognized marathon swims:

  1. The Catalina Channel: Completed September 1, 2016, standard course 20.2 miles (33km) across the Catalina Channel in Southern California
  2. The English Channel: Completed August 23, 2017, standard course 21 miles/32km across the English Channel between Dover, England and Cap Gris Nez, France (all swim lengths, times and courses vary)
  3. 20 Bridges/Manhattan Island Circumnavigation: Completed June 30, 2018, standard course 28.5 miles (45.8 km) around Manhattan Island in New York

Understanding no dream is achieved alone, I am proud to have represented, partnered with and be sponsored by the following businesses and individuals as we made a dream of achieving the Triple Crown a reality.

Business Sponsorships & Ambassador Programs:

Skratch Labs,


Build Performance Center,


Redmond-Kirkland and Redmond-Fall City Animal Hospitals, and


VO2 Multisport,


Sam Day, Artist,

Sam Day Created Logo



Individual Sponsorships:

Larry McDonough, Triathlete Extraordinaire, shares his most memorable triathlon, the Lake Sammamish Sprint in June of 2013:


Mary Foster, Triathlete Wonder Woman, shares her most triathlon career highlights:


Business Supporters and In-Kind Donations:

  • PRM Sports Therapy: I have been going to PRM for the past year and a half for sports massage therapy.  My muscles recover quicker and faster after each treatment.  Thanks, PRM, for your continued support.
  • Unilever USA, Vaseline Brand: Donation of Vaseline jelly for my English Channel swim.  Vaseline is my anti-chafe product of choice, a brand of Unilever, committed to increasing the footprint of sustainable living.  Thanks, Unilever, for your support.
  • Samena Swim & Recreation Club: Donation, pool space, time and lifeguard for 100x100s Swimtacular.  Samena is my hometown pool and training location of choice, plently of pool time, and great membership rates.  Thanks, Samena, for your continued support.

Thank you to all the individuals who have donated with a special thank you to The Notorious Alki Swimmers and Daniel Henry Fitness for your on-going support.