Community & Giving Back

Where would any of us be without a community to belong to, people to support us, friends and family to help give us that final push to the end.  Though many endurance athletes pursue solo events, we are never alone and there is not a single solo event that is truly ever accomplished solo.  We have a community of people behind us and in turn we should all give back to those who have long supported our dreams in order to help them achieve their dreams, however big or small that may be. In addition to being the Veterans Affinity Network Lead for the Bay Area Northwest Market at PwC as well as the Be well, work well Champion for the Pacific Northwest, I have worked with the following organizations supporting our community and people.

Amy Hiland Double: USS Turner Joy Naval Destroyer and Museum and the Bremerton Historic Ships Society

After years of observing and crewing swimmers on the Amy Hiland swim, I wanted to do something special to celebrate community, discovery, and the Puget Sound by swimming the return route back to Bremerton, the Amy Hiland Double. Helping to support and celebrate community was the USS Turner Joy Naval Destroyer and Museum, operated and maintained by the Bremerton Historic Ships Society, who welcomed family, friends, and spectators to watch the swim finish from the ship rails. 100% of personal and spectator donations made go directly to helping keep the Turner Joy in shipshape condition and ready to continue serving as a wonderful educational and historic treasure.

USS Turner Joy

20 Bridges / Manhattan Island Circumnavigation Charity of Choice: One More Wave

As I rounded out nearly 4 years of training, planning and preparation prior to completion of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, I partnered with One More Wave as my 501(c)3 non-profit charity of choice for the 2018 swim season. I am proud to announce that 100% of all contributions went directly to helping our wounded and disabled veterans achieve surf therapy.


English Channel Charity of Choice: The Zoo Society and Operation Shark Dive

For my 2017 English Channel swim charity of choice, a percentage of all monetary contributions were donated to The Zoo Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit fundraising organization that supports Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.


Open Water: The Northwest Open Water Swimming Association (NOWSA)

I love open water swimming (obviously) and a huge part of swimming open water is community.  NOWSA is the premier open water swimming sanctioning body in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m proud to be a board member of the 501(c)(3) non-profit as well as a lifetime member supporting the organization.

NOWSA 4.jpg

Coaching and Community: Team VO2 Multisport

Coaching is by far the most rewarding aspect of my life.  Being fortunate enough to have found a team as amazing as VO2 Multisport has been as critical in my training as it has been in providing fulfillment for my passion of helping others and giving back.


Other charities reached: